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Please make a note of the following short coded items for which we are unable to accept returns.

Barnum Animal Crackers - Usually expire within 30 days.

Diet Beverages - Usually expire faster than regular products due to the sweetners used.

Beverages All 20 oz Sodas - (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite etc.) Usually expire within 3 weeks.

Frito Lay Products - Usually expire within 30 days.

Snapple - The date on the Snapple packaging is the manufacturing date not an expiration date.  Product expires 12 months from the manufacturing date.

Sunny Delight - Expire within 30 days.


As a general rule our company guarantees all products that we sell as follows:


1. That the product is fresh at time of delivery.

2. That the product is free of physical damage.

3. That the products ordered by the account are correct at the time of delivery.


If any product sold by us is not in a satisfactory condition at the time of delivery, we will take it back for full credit. However, we cannot take back or credit merchandise that has been price marked, opened or damaged product that is not the fault of Kennedy Wholesale. All returns must be in resalable condition. Retailer is responsible for rotating products in the store. We cannot accept for credit any product that has become outdated or damaged due to their failure to do so or retailer is unable to sell.


We do not accept returns on spoiled or expired products.


All returns must be requested of the customer service department at (877) 292-2639 in order for items to be picked up. The driver must have the proper paperwork authorizing the pickup of the specific items and quantities requested.