Company Policies

Kennedy Wholesale, A Division of Trepco Imports & Distribution Company Policies

Kennedy Wholesale’s goal is to give our customers superior service and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. In order to accomplish this, we have found it necessary to formalize previously unwritten but generally understood internal operating procedures.



Orders and Fees

Orders are to be placed 48 hours before delivery day via the sales rep, or phoned/faxed in to the office.

Minimum Order is $400.00 exclusive of cigarettes: Below this amount, an additional $5.95 fee will be automatically added to the invoice by the system. The delivery fee will be adjusted from time to time as cost conditions change.

Minimum Order for a cigarettes only order: $1,000

No order below $250.00 exclusive of cigarettes will be shipped on our truck. Orders below this amount can be added on to by the account to meet minimum or at our discretion shipped via UPS or cancelled.

Orders are charged a shipping and handling fee (formerly known as energy surcharge). The $8.95 shipping and handling fee was created to offset various costs such as transportation, facilities and utilities as well as invoice processing and will be adjusted from time to time as market conditions change.



All discrepancies and shortages must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of merchandise to our office 1 (877) 292-2639. Please DO NOT call shortages or discrepancies to your sales representative. Shortages will be honored after an investigation by our office. NO SHORTAGES/DAMAGES WILL BE CREDITED IF NOT REPORTED WITHIN 24 HOURS. We cannot issue credit on discrepancies of totes, bundles, or cigarette counts after the driver has left. The driver verifies the amounts with you. If there is a discrepancy, it must be noted at the time of delivery.


As a general rule our company guarantees all products that we sell as follows:

1. That the product is fresh at time of delivery.

2. That the product is free of physical damage.

3. That the products ordered by the account are correct at the time of delivery.

If any product sold by us is not in a satisfactory condition at the time of delivery, we will take it back for full credit. However, we cannot take back or credit merchandise that has been price marked, opened or damaged product that is not the fault of Kennedy Wholesale. All returns must be in resalable condition. Retailer is responsible for rotating products in the store. We cannot accept for credit any product that has become outdated or damaged due to their failure to do so.

We do not accept returns on spoiled or expired products. We pick up returns when we deliver the next order. All returns must be requested to the customer service department at (877)292-2639 in order for items to be picked up. The driver must have the proper paperwork authorizing the pickup of the specific items and quantities requested.



Credit for returns will not be issued until products are physically returned to our warehouse. We routinely issue credits within two weeks after the items are picked up or from the time shortages are reported. We will not issue credit for items that are not in your invoice history. If you have not received a credit within three weeks please call our customer service department. Please do not short pay or deduct off the invoice. We will send you a credit with the amount to deduct.






When we deliver cigarettes, our driver will verify the cigarette count with store personnel then have the manifest initialed next to the number of cartons or kits received. If there is a discrepancy, the driver must call the office immediately. The driver then notates on driver manifest the correct amount of cartons or kits received.

Due to manufacturer policies we are unable to accept returns on Philip Morris, and R.J. Reynolds products. The retailer can however, return cigarettes we shipped in error. We cannot accept returns on expired cigarettes. Returned cartons must be in perfect condition. We reserve the right to inspect and/or refuse any product. We are also bound by and will enforce restriction of the cigarette manufacturers on returns in order to discourage counterfeit cigarettes or abuse of manufacturer buy down programs. This includes exchange of product. Cigarette or tobacco products, which have water or fire (smoke) damage, will not be accepted. Also cigarette or tobacco products damaged as a result of vandalism at store level will not be accepted.

This policy is a reflection of manufacturer credit policies and we reserve the right to change it in the event our suppliers change or modify their policies or programs.



Due to industry operating standards, we deliver less than case quantities in plastic totes. The totes need to be returned the following week. Please have them ready for pick up by our driver. Totes are to be returned in the same condition as received. We will bill your account for totes you receive on each order at $10.00 per tote. Driver will leave a copy of a tote credit request for the totes picked up. A credit invoice will be and mailed within a week. We offer a tote insert program at an extra charge to facilitate customers with no secure storage.



In order to provide better service to all our customers, we need customer cooperation in respecting the time allocated for each delivery by quickly receiving merchandise, so our drivers may promptly get to their other destinations.


Re-stocking Fee

We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee.

Product Recalls

We will take back any products “recalled” by the manufacturers that have been purchased from us. We will only honor credit in compliance with the manufacturers “recall” terms. We will only accept products within the time limit set by the manufacturer, for return.


Price Changes

All prices are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE. Due to the frequency of manufacturers price changes we recommend that our customers use their invoice to determine the cost of an item. All prices are subject to change until invoiced and delivered. We reserve the right to charge back for any billing errors.



We deliver all merchandise with a duplicate copy invoice. We do not send statements unless you request to receive a monthly statement. Payment is expected by the due date. Terms are specified on each invoice. Terms are x number of days from your invoice date. All past due accounts are automatically put on credit hold until payment is received. Please mail all payments to 10550 Business Dr, Fontana CA 92337.

New Customers
Must fill out our entire credit application completely and mail within 2 weeks of initial set up, otherwise account may be placed on credit hold until original documents are received.

Only executive management can authorize exceptions to this policy.